Does lawn care not fit into your busy schedule anymore? Let our professionals take this important chore off your plate. We’re reliable and respectful of your property. In fact, we’ll treat your lawn like it’s our own. All Your Lawn Maintenance Needs:
  • Mowing
  • Trimming
  • Weeding
  • Edging
  • Blowing

Turf Treatments

While Simply Green Lawn Service can provide a specialized turf treatment program for your specific lawn needs, we suggest starting with a soil test. By getting a soil sample done it will determine nutrient content, composition, and other characteristics such as the acidity or pH level. Soil nutrients vary with depth and soil components change with time.

Standard 5 step suggested treatment program:

Step 1. Early Spring

Step 2. Spring

Step 3. Summer

Step 4. Late Summer / Early Fall

Step 5. Late Fall / Early Winter

* These applications consist of the following: balanced fertilizer, pre-emergent, crabgrass, broadleaf and turfgrass nutrients.

** Additional treatments are available for grub worms, bagworms & nutsedge.

*** We will apply liquid or granular products to achieve optimal results.

Shrub Pruning & Mulch

Not all trees and shrubs should be pruned in the winter or early spring, however. Generally speaking, shrubs and trees that bloom on new growth should be pruned in the winter and early spring, while those that bloom on old growth should be pruned in late spring or summer (i.e., after their flowers fade).
Mulch is an investment with guaranteed yields. In addition to improving your property’s appearance, it helps reduce weeds, stabilize the soil, conserve water, and improve plant health.

Pressure Washing

In the right hands, pressure washing can be incredibly beneficial to your home. When used at the proper levels, pressure washing can clean your house of grime, bird droppings, and unsightly stains. … Pressure washing removes mold and mildew, which are damaging to both your home and the health of your family.

Snow Removal

Never go wrong using snow removal and ice melt services. Error on the side of caution and safety first and foremost. The safety of employees, residents, homeowners and customers is a top priority.

Slit Seeding

Lack of water, too much heat, wear & tear, and other problems can make your lawn look worn and thin. Simply Green Lawn Service can help reinvigorate your lawn by slit seeding. If you are using a weed control program, it is important you plant grass back in those areas to fill in or more weeds will grow back season after season.

Slit seeding is a mechanical method of planting grass seed that combines a bit of dethatching with seeding. A row of blades that resemble stars dig down into the soil, creating slits in the ground. … So the seeds get great, secure contact with the soil — a better method than simply spreading seeds over the lawn.

Bare Ground Weed Control

Bare Ground Herbicides (sometimes called soil sterilants) are non-selective weed killers. They kill all vegetation and prevent it from growing back for an extended period of time. Bare ground herbicides are very desirable for use along fence lines, gravel drives, parking lots, and anywhere else you don’t want the vegetation to grow.

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